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Ice cream freezer

is a smart solution to sale ice cream: it usesa fraction of electricity compare to the showcases or a display. Can also display the ice cream as some ice cream freezers have at the top a glass so you can see inside the ice cream. Moreover the ice cream freezer can be kept in non air conditional environment. It is enough to make a defrost once a week.

Ice cream freezer

The ice cream freezer can be considered perfect for a minimart or a supermarket, for a booth or even for a company or hotel reception where sometimes is necessary to please guests and customers with something original and at the same time not too expensive. A low fat fruit ice cream in a nice cup to be kept in an ice cream freezer could be a nice fresh solution that will be appreciated by the most. Even a small shop, restaurant and a bakery, where the ice cream are sold on the menu' as an extra, can have advantage from an easy to use and maintain ice cream freezer. For a micro enterprise that want to test the market with a really small corner sale place can start the business without a big investment.

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What: ice cream freezer.
Where: in Bangkok, Hua Hin, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai and everywhere in Thailand. How to: ice cream freezer Age Co., Ltd. are a good solution for your ice cream shop or to open a new ice cream shop or a corner to sale ice cream in a restaurant or hotel as it is affordable, durable and easy. When: we are open Monday to Saturday all year round except major national holidays. Why? For a sweet business.

Ice cream freezers plug and play!
Very easy to install. An ice cream freezer just needs you to plug and play! Insert the plug in a 220 volt socket and it is done. Once a week you have to do a defrost to avoid the ice cream freezer fills of ice.

All the material used in our ice cream freezers are tested materials. We use stainless steel to hold the pans of the ice cream, we use anodized metals for the structure, aluminum is also used to have a final light weight products. Insulation is used following the actual law on pollution and to give a better performance to the ice cream freezer. Tempered glasses, digital controller and other details are also constantly upgrade to delivery a good and durable product.

Why an ice cream freezer use only a fraction of electricity compare to other display appliances?
Principally it is an easy and physic concept: the cold tends to fall to the lower part of any container, ambiance, case, refrigerator and so on. In an ice cream showcase or ice cream display the need of showing the products brings the products up in the case or cabinet, so artificially also the cold is pulled up with ventilator, fans, air duct an other solution. Beside the new component that blow the air and use electricity, this air flow circulation create an inevitable dispersion and so more consumption. Then in a display the glass surface is quite more big and also, to avoid mist and water condense, the glass is heated up: more consumption for the heater, more consumption to compensate the loss of cold due to the heater, more consumption for the dispersions, more consumption for the big glass surface and for the unnatural movement of the cold. In an ice cream freezer we have the ice cream not really close to the glass and anyway in a lower position respect to the glass, under the cold line. So naturally the cold will accumulate in the lower part that is well insulated from the external environment by a double aluminum partition that contain polyurethane or equivalent materials and it is not in contact with the glass. No additionally heater and no ventilation. Just to let you understand better: one ice cream freezer with a glass on the top where you can show 7 flavors and stock up to 30 pans use a compressor of 100 watts; a showcase or ice cream display that show 7 flavors and can eventually stock only 7 pans use a compressor of 700 watts. You can check the below design. Note that is a simplified example only and not a real x-ray reproduction.
Ice cream freezer system

Ice cream freezer minimal requirements

Or you can think about order a personalized ice cream freezer. We can prepare the color and the logo you like and apply the sticker to the display:
Ice cream freezer Ice cream freezer stickers Personalized gelato freezer Freezer for gelato with sticker Show the gelato in colorful freezer Ice cream freezer with sticker
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The following freezers are stock freezers to keep the ice cream during the night If you have a showcase or a display. If you have an ice cream freezer it is not necessary to move the ice cream in the stock freezer. You can move only during the defrost once a week. The stock freezer is also useful if you want always have a reserve of ice cream to avoid run out of it. Good for your customers not to discontinued the service.

Chest freezer Big stock freezer Low cost freezer with glass

In a stock freezer you can also keep the ice cream cup. The ice cream cup has the advantage to be easy controlled in stock and have a minimum operation request by the staff that will attend the ice cream point of sale. They just have to take out the cup from the ice cream freezer. The cups already contain in the lid a small plastic spoon.
Ice cream cup Ice cream spoon

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