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Ice cream recipes and flavors

. Ice cream official website for homemade gelato: descriptions with recipes and images of ice cream scoops, pans and cups. Many gelato flavors available for any kind of palate: sweet like Italian gelato cassata and Italian gelato croccantino or the new Thai tea, creamy like dolce latte, hazelnut, vanilla, chocolate brownie, a little sour like yogurt blueberry, lemon strawberry and lemon sherbet, the equivalent of Italian "sorbetto al limone" the most sold gelato in Italian restaurants. And even more dry taste like Japanese green tea, coconut and mango sherbet. As all fruit gelato are low fat, it is a good ice cream diet solution for your health. This and more in website area: here!

Ice cream ready to sell

The ice cream and gelato flavors are almost infinite as any gelateria, ice cream shop and ice cream parlor can create new flavors everyday with fruit and other dairy and non dairy ingredients and lots of fantasy too. Here you can see the homemade recipes adapted to a factory production maintaining a genuine final product. Ice cream and gelato are not only an iced cream with some sugar or a frozen dessert. You can see the necessary ingredients to create it.

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Ice cream in boxes:

Gelato pan Ice cream pan Stainless gelato tray Ice cream strawberry cream Cookie and cream gelato Strawberry sherbet

Download clicking here all the ice cream flavors available

"Icecream" in boxes or pans is the most used way to wholesale ice cream and gelato. Cheap ice cream are sold in carton boxes of 3 or 6 kg. Sometime are sold by liters. Higher quality product is sold in the typical rectangular container (above) that can be in plastic or in stainless steel. The average wholesale price of quality gelato and ice cream is between 190 and 350 per kilogram baht also depending on the flavors. As a factory is more easy and practical to sale in the plastic container as it can be easily inserted in the showcase and start to sale directly. Our containers are in white food grade plastic. We can also prepare the ice cream that looks like a mountain to show to the customer for better sale results.

Fruit sherbet Fruit low fat ice cream Italian gelato alla cream e biscotto

From the pans you can easily scoop the ice cream serving with a scoop. If the customer would like to show the ice cream and gelato in the stainless steel pans then we can fill his pans and create a turn over of these containers. Even if we wholesale ice cream we can follow the customers needs.

Our ice cream gelato production wholesale is also available in practical cups for a better sell. The product inside the cup is gelato. These nice packs of single portions are also good for hotels, resorts, restaurants and everywhere you want to be sure to serve a perfect product. Moreover the single serving packaging help to keep a precise count of your sale to avoid misunderstanding with your staff in stock management.

Production of ice cream. We have many flavors available each of one created with prime choice of ingredients, fresh milk, cream, whipping cream and low fat fruit.
The importance of a correct balance in the ice cream recipe. Very important is maintain the correct proportion of ingredients to avoid obtaining a sandy gelato or maybe a sticky or gummy ice cream or a too strong or too easy to melt product.
To create a correct proportion of ingredients we have to do a first division in solid and liquid ingredients. The total of all solid components of the recipe must be between 30% and 40% (to be more precise 32% and 42%) for gelato with milk and 30/35% in the fruit ice cream or sherbet. In this balancing process you have to consider that also the solids are also hidden in the liquid, for example the milk can contain till 21% of solid in his liquid, or what we consider apparently liquid. Moreover the total solid also have to be divided in more than one categories: solid from fat, solid from sugars, solid from milk (that are a mix of sugars like lactose and fats like cream) and other solids. We create these small list to help you out.

Milk ice cream

  1. Solid amount from sugars: from 15% till 23%
  2. Solid from fat: from 6% to 11%
  3. Solid from milk (not fat): from 7% to 11%
  4. Solid from other sources: from 1% till 2%
  5. Total solid sum = 29% - 47%
Please note: 29% and 47% are numbers to be avoided, that is is the reason because you have to know the ingredients and balancing them. In fact the total solid sum should not be lower than 32% and not exceed the 42%.

Fruit ice cream also called sorbetto or sherbet or sorbet with water instead of milk

  1. Solid amount from sugars: from 26% till 30%
  2. Solid from fat: from 0% (low fat as fruit contains very low or nothing fat) or fat free
  3. Solid from milk (not fat): 0%
  4. Solid from other sources: maximum 5%
  5. Total solid sum = 26% - 30.5%
Please note: 26% and 35% are both correct amount.
Please note again: Stabilizers are not fat solid if not differently declared from the manufacturing label.

Now, how do I know the correct amount of sugars and fats contained in my ingredients? You can find many tables on internet, just Google "tabella quantita solidi gelato" but the results are in Italian... we provide here a basic table for you: solid and fat table.
And note... All our recipes are done following these basic lines:
  1. Prepare all the ingredient in a comfortable and big table or working space well cleaned
  2. Mix the solid with liquid ingredients with a powerful mixer. To know if you have to mix in an hot or cold liquid environment consult the stabilizer label
  3. Drop the content in the pasteurizer for the complete cycle
  4. From the pasteurizer drop in the ice cream machine or batch freezer and eventually add latest ingredients
  5. Then put the gelato in the pans or cups and put it in the shock freezer for 30 minutes or in the freezer for 8 hours

And then if you are little confused check our images about how to make ice cream and homemade gelato in the homepage
Disclaimer: When preparing ice cream and or gelato there are many factors that act together to get a nice and tasty result or an unpleasant melting pap. The quality of all ingredients, the temperature, the timing and the machinery, the way to mix and stir. So we cannot guarantee the result. Try with small amount first and go on perfection your stile step by step. Practicing a lot is a must to get nice gelato. You can also send an email to us with your proportion and we can evaluate by single case. In our production we can change the recipes at any time to improve results without obligation to give advance notes or website updating.

If you need some other ideas you can also visit the ice cream accessories and equipment page

Ice cream cup Even if it is very comfortable to product and delivery the ice cream in pans, we also have a selected production of gelato in small cup, 85ml each (4 oz)that we wholesale as well. Here we disclose the indication, ingredients and some tips about these products:

Important note: there is also another very important ingredient for ice cream that is often underestimate: the air. yes, the air is a basic component of the gelato and even more important in ice cream. While using the ice cream machine the air is incorporate in the other ingredients and will stay in the gelato till it will melt. During a standard process of creating Italian gelato with machine even small, usually we get 20% of air in the total final volume. In ice cream we can arrive to have a 50% of air in the total volume. This process (air incorporation) is called overrun and can reach the 100% in ice cream. All our wholesale gelato still has 20% overrun
If you think that things are getting too complicated make yourself easy. You can buy our gelato base that are very easy to use: just add water to our base bag mix and it is ready for the machine. Please use a strong mixer to get a smooth ice cream or gelato. Our base are powders made with milk powder form New Zealand, stabilizer, fat, sucrose and more ingredients. Just add water! Or you can use a white base (neutral base) and add your flavors and quality  ingredients. So you will enjoy an easy ice cream production. Our gelato bases are available in:

  1. White base, personalized as you like. A good way to learn and experience yourself in how to make ice cream and gelato without discharge too much product
  2. Chocolate base. For chocolate lovers add more dark chocolate or cocoa powder and you will experience something worthy
  3. Green tea base
  4. Coffee base. Here also you can add a strong homemade coffee dose as your pleasure
  5. Cheese cake base. beside the cheese cake ice cream we can suggest you to add strawberry for a strawberry cheese cake iced dessert
  6. Yogurt base
  7. Sherbet base. Enjoy this base with all the seasonal fruit for an high quality and low cost ice cream (sorbetto)
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