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Miss ice cream display

. About page of Ice Age Co., Ltd. From when we start and our actual presence in Thailand.

Miss ice cream display

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Before: there are few trace of Stone Age people eating ice cream, although it's certain that the Romans was occasionally eating cold dessert based on snow and honey. Something like the "Namken sai". The snow was already traveling along the Romans road and kept for month in holes under the houses of the richest people. The purpose was preservation and not refrigeration as the snow anyway was already melting at the beginning of March. Not all the uses are known. Anyway the real ice cream shop in Thailand start to be populated very early in the sixties. Later on Miss ice cream start to play with milk to get nice and authentic homemade gelato based on Italian recipes got from a friend in her first Italian trip. At first was a limited group of friends that could enjoy these Thai homemade ice cream and then start to produce a limited amount for an exclusive boutique hotel in Bangkok and delivery together with the ice cream display. Within few month it was already a micro enterprise that produce and sell ice cream and display. Miss ice cream had few staff to help and the profit was equivalent to a decent salary. The mission was then to get the profit equivalent to a good salary and that goal was pass beyond any expectation. Now the role of Ice Age Co., Ltd and Miss ice cream display is a clear position in the gelato and ice cream quality production for hotels and ice cream gelato shop. In the near future in a brand new facility the production will improve with new register brands to compete in the actual ice cream business.
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I am Kittiporn Nantanon, people also use to call me Miss ice cream display. You are now in my new website that is . The location is in Bangkok , Thailand . My job is to create ice cream for Ice Age Co., Ltd and our value customers and give a good customer sale with ice cream display as well.

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Miss ice cream factory
The Ice cream factory is in Bangkok on the border with Samut Prakan. In our ice cream and gelato factory we produce homemade Italian gelato and ice cream. We just move to this brand new ice cream production facility. The production also include sherbet, topping, gelato paste, jam for ice cream production, unique chocolate paste, concentrated coffee, imported pistachio, other ingredients and few bakery products to garnish the ice cream. Some fruit together with milk, vanilla together with whipping cream and other wholesome ice cream ingredients mix up with experience and right procedure let us produce in our ice cream and gelato factory genuine products. Ice cream factory is not only ice cream preparation, there is also packaging care, delivery organization, recipes study and improvement. Continuous updating about ice cream fashion in the world and especially constant contacts with Italian chefs to produce Italian gelato. Moreover monitoring of appliance in the whole facility. This and more is the ice cream factory.

Office ice cream factory Ice cream machinery Ice cream machinery

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Miss ice cream:
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