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Ice cream sale, production and wholesale

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Ice cream and gelato

in Bangkok. Homemade and original ice cream production and distribution of fresh gelato, sherbet, ice cream everywhere in Thailand. Fresh in pans or in handy packages for shops, hotels, ice cream parlors. All from our ice cream factory in Bangkok. Ice cream wholesale and retail. How to make ice cream, how to buy and order. Good ice cream diet for your health in this website area.

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In Bangkok we produce and sell ice cream wholesale and retail and try our best to delivery a genuine and fresh ice cream product to your shop. Many flavors of ice cream, Italian gelato and sherbet or "sorbetto" in Italian, also called sorbet. Location: Thailand, Bangkok. We have our ice cream shop and offices in Bangkok, Pattaya (Chonburi), Hua Hin, Phuket and Chiang Mai (CNX).

Welcome in Ice Cream page

Ice cream and gelato for sale
Fresh made gelato
Strawberry cheese cake ice creamChocolate gelato in a trayBangkok FREE delivery. Wholesale different prices!!! Request a visit from our sale agent to start selling gelato.

Well packed ready to be delivery to you at 450 baht per kg!

Packed gelato for saleOne box of 3kg of Italian style gelato brand Ice Age with real fresh milk and whipped cream at 1350 baht (450 baht per kg = 450*3=1350 baht). Organize your ice cream buffet or refreshment in your office, company or house with our premium ice cream selection. We will delivery to you. Perfect also for your home: a real fresh ice cream reservoir for your good times during the day or evening with the convenience of the delivery. Please note minimum order is 4,000 baht.

Packed cup gelato
fresh ice cream cupsCup of fresh gelato

Gelato also available in cup. 1 cup 40 baht. 1 Pack is 12 cups=480 baht. Minimum order 3,000 baht
FREE delivery in Bangkok only.
Hotel, restaurant, ice cream shop -wholesale- special price!

We have many flavors available of ice cream, gelato, yogurt gelato, Japanese gelato, Thai gelato and sherbet low fat ice cream. See all our flavors listed right here! Call 021708640 thank you.

Italian gelato
1 Amaretto
2 Cassata
3 Croccantino
4 Gianduia
5 Hazelnut
6 Pistacchio
7 Dolce latte
8 Zabaglione
9 Tiramisu'
22 Chocolate
24 Chocolate chips
26 White chocolate
27 White chocolate chips

Ice cream
10 Vanilla bean
11 Coffee
12 Caramel
13 Mocha chips
14 Mint chips
15 Cookies and cream
16 Rum & raisin
17 Strawberry milk
18 Blueberry milk
19 Banana caramel
20 Banana & strawberry
25 Chocolate fudge

Yogurt gelato Fro-yo
28 Yogurt blueberry fro-yo
29 Yogurt raspberry fro-yo
30 Yogurt strawberry fro-yo
31 Yogurt orange fro-yo



Japanese gelato

32 Green tea
33 Green tea Vs Wasabi
35 Japanese melon
36 Vanilla sesame
34 Red beans

Special gelato
56 Blueberry cheesecake
57 Strawberry cheesecake
58 Honey nut crash
59 Almond espresso
60 Durian

Thai gelato

21 Coconut

Sorbetto sherbet
38 Green apple
39 Strawsberry
40 Blueberry
41 Banana
42 Lemon
43 Orange
44 Kiwi
46 Wild berry
47 Raspberry
48 Passion fruit
23 Chocolate Dark Sherbet
49 Pineapple
50 Lychee
51 Mango

Packed (cup) gelato
1 Vanilla bean
2 Almond espresso
3 Cookie and cream
4 Rum raisin
5 Green tea
6 Chocolate brownie
7 Yogurt blueberry fro-yo
8 Strawberry cheese cake
9 Coconut
10 Strawberry sherbet
11 Lemon sherbet
12 Mango sherbet
13 Passion fruit sherbet

Call 021708640 for your order, we will delivery to you
Ice cream deliveryFree scoop

If you order 4,400 baht or more of gelato free 1 scoop.

Bangkok ice cream delivery

Note: new packaging for Dolce Latte brand only. Shining new black moder styled packaging for Dolce Latte brand. Same weight, same taste, same quality in different packaging color ice cream boxes. Note: the Ice Age ice cream still use the white box.

Black ice cream packaging Black ice cream boxes new packaging for ice cream Gelato black packaging

What is ice cream? "Ice cream" is a creamy dessert that is cold, really cold, usually served at -15 and preserved at -18 Celsius degrees. The globally most favorite taste is vanilla followed by chocolate. The Italian ice cream is the gelato that is more creamy and also serve at -13. The substantial different between Italian gelato and ice cream is that in Italian gelato the ingredients are mostly fresh and the production is homemade or homemade style. Even big company that produce gelato use an almost craft production with always lots of fresh ingredients instead of chemicals. You can read more here.

Our ice cream gelato production is a selection of prime paste from Italy like pistacchio, nocciola (hazelnut) vanilla and more, local fruit from we get our self the paste like mango, passion fruit, coconuts, strawberry and more. We care from the selection of the fruit till the packaging to ensure a good ice cream diet. We also sell and distribute ingredients for ice cream. In this way we can produce a quality ice cream trying not to overtake the market prices.

We sell in pans 1/3 (3 liters), 1/4 (2.5 liters) using your stainless steel pans or our plastic pans.

We also sell nice pack of single portion for hotels, resort, restaurant and everywhere you want to be sure to serve a perfect product. Moreover the single serving packaging help to keep a precise count of your sale to avoid misunderstanding with your staff.

Production of ice cream. The production of homemade ice cream even if devoted to ice cream wholesale or gelato it consist in different sequentially procedures that we can summarize in 5 phases:

  1. Paste preparation: we can prepare the pastes many days in advance, one for each flavor, and preserve in well closed containers. The gelato paste is a sort of jam or marmalade with sugar, glucose, concentrated and blended fresh fruit that will give to the ice cream the typical smooth feeling to the ice cream. It obtains by properly blending, boiling and mixing the ingredients. We avoid to use chemicals additives. The few "ready for use" paste that we use are from Italy where only fresh ingredients are allowed for ice cream preparations.
  2. Pasteurizing: this process will slowly heat up the milk together with sugar and few more ingredients till 85 degrees Celsius and will keep this temperature for 5 minutes. After this the milk must be cool down fast till 4 degrees Celsius.
  3. Making the ice cream: at this point we will drop the right amount of milk together with the paste, other ingredients in to the ice cream maker or batch freezer for a time of 12 minutes circa.
  4. Freezing (suppress temperature phase): just after the ice cream machine the ice cream will be placed in pans or cups and then move straight in to shock or blast freezer to bring the temperature down till -18 in really few minutes to preserve all the freshness of the product. This is an important phase. Without this process you can also have good and tasty ice cream but you should sell or eat within few days.
  5. Preservation: after the previous blast freezer process we can now preserve at constant temperature of -18 Celsius degrees the ice cream for more than a month. Actually till 6 month but we produce following the fluctuation of the market in order to don't store it over than few weeks. Yes can happen that we run out of one flavors but we prefer this situation instead of increase the storage time.
  6. Demonstrative images (real protocol has differences) of production of ice cream:

300 liter ice cream batch production:

Small batch ice cream production:

Milk pasteurizer Milk pasteurizer for ice cream Ingredients for gelato preparation Preparation of base for gelato Mixing ice cream ingredients Gelato base Ice cream machine Ice cream maker Gelato batch Ice cream in pan How to keep ice cream Seal ice cream pans Seal gelato pans Shock freezer Ice cream storage Sale office Marshmallow-ice-cream Milk pasteurizer Aeging tank and continuous freezer Ice cream continuos producer

Ice cream production in continuous: the ice cream can also be produce with another technique: the continuous production. This way to produce ice cream use a continuous freezer. The different is that the ice cream don't follow a cycle but is constantly produced from the continuous machine. This is good for large amount of production of the same flavor. The milk is first pasteurized and then mixed with all the other ingredients in an ageing tank, that is refrigerated. After a time that depend on the ingredients and the experience of the ice cream chef, is pumped in to the ice cream continuous machine that produce a constant flow of ice cream. You can watch this short video:

Now the ice cream is ready to be sold! Our sale department will answer all your questions about the delivery timing, the opportunity to loan free of charge freezer and tip in how to improve the sale. Our telephone is 021836880 new 021708640 and our opening hours are 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Saturday. You can also fin us here on the map.

These the available flavors of our craft production for ice cream wholesale and retail:

Classic pans or trays of gelato

Coconut ice cream in panTiramisu' italian gelato in a trayVanilla ice cream box


We start to publish some videos of ice cream. it is still an experiment but you can watch and comment on Yutube.

Image from cleaning ice cream factory Image from ice cream production video Image from the bakery activity Image from the ice cream packing video

Visit the Kittiporn Yutube channel about ice cream.

Special offer!!! Ice cream Dolce Latte fruit: strawberry sherbet at 600,00 baht for 3Kg! Minimum order 3,000 baht. Price do not include vat, delivery free in Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Phuket, Bangkok and Bangkok vicinity. Please order now or you can come and visit our ice cream shop in Bangkok. Click here for the map
We delivery now from our new storage facility at -30 Celsius degrees, good for ice cream!
Ice cream warehouse Quality control in cold storage Cold chain process delivery ice cream truck Ice cream truck for delivery Ice cream vehicle

About the cup we have a really practical packaging. A nice 85ml cup of fresh ice cream, gelato or sorbetto (sherbet) with a spoon incorporated in the cover and ice cream sealed inside:

Ice cream cup Cover ice cream cup Ice cream spoon
Ice cream sealed pack Ice cream sealed pack detail

One of the favorite ice cream gelato from our customers is Japanese green tea.

Best seller!!!
Our best seller wholesale ice cream flavors in November 2013:
  1. Vanilla (vanilla is anyway  worldwide most sold ice cream flavor) and chocolate same sale
  2. Green tea. About ice cream green tea we are proud to choose the ingredients at the real origin in Japan. Kittiporn Nantanon personally travel to check the product to get a final unique sorbetto.

    Green tea selection Ecologiacl insects control Green tea storage
    Green tea harvest Production of green tea Production of green tea

  3. Strawberry (sherbet low fat ice cream)
  4. Durian!
Best seller!!! Our best seller ice cream flavors in December 2013:
  1. Vanilla Beans. Vanilla beans has now overtaken the vanilla!
  2. Green teas ice cream complex as we now have more than one green tea: Green tea wasabi Gelato, ice cream green tea sakura and green tea kagonoya
  3. Strawberry (sherbet low fat ice cream)
  4. Durian and passion fruit same level of sale

New Year 2014, new ice cream and gelato best seller!!! Our best seller ice cream flavors in January 2014:
  1. Chocolate! Chocolate this time came out better than vanilla after few quite month.
  2. Vanilla and vanilla bean
  3. Strawberry (sherbet low fat ice cream)
  4. Green teas ice cream complex

February 2014 ice cream and gelato best seller

  1. Vanilla and vanilla bean
  2. Chocolate brownie
  3. Strawberry (sherbet low fat ice cream) and strawberry cheese cake gelato
  4. Green teas ice cream complex

March 2014 ice cream and gelato most sold flavors

  1. Strawberry and strawberry cheese cake
  2. Why? I don't know it
  3. Vanilla and vanilla bean
  4. Chocolate brownie
  5. Strawberry sherbet low fat ice cream
  6. Green teas ice cream complex

April, May, June 2014 what is the gelato trend?
  1. Vanilla beans.
  2. Chocolate (white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, Ovaltine chocolate...)
  3. Strawberry (sherbet low fat ice cream)
  4. Mango
  5. Green tea

2015 gelato news:
  1. Number 1: Vanilla beans
  2. Chocolate. Note: beside classic chocolate and dark chocolate also chocolate mint is taking over some position. Very refreshing for the sweet lovers is better than a sherbet!)
  3. Strawberry (sherbet low fat ice cream and more and more strawberry cheese cake!)
  4. Green tea
  5. Passion fruit

2016 gelato news:
  1. Number 1: Vanilla beans
  2. Chocolate. Note: beside classic chocolate and dark chocolate also chocolate mint is taking over some position. Very refreshing for the sweet lovers is better than a sherbet!)
  3. Strawberry (sherbet low fat ice cream and more and more strawberry cheese cake!)
  4. Green tea
  5. Passion fruit

2017 gelato news (first semester):
  1. Number 1: Vanilla beans
  2. Chocolate. Note: beside classic chocolate and dark chocolate also chocolate mint is taking over some position. Very refreshing for the sweet lovers is better than a sherbet!)
  3. Strawberry (sherbet low fat ice cream and more and more strawberry cheese cake!)
  4. Green tea
  5. Mango fruit

2019 gelato news (first semester):
  1. Number 1: Vanilla beans
  2. Green Tea
  3. Strawberry (sherbet low fat ice cream and more and more strawberry cheese cake!)
  4. Cookies and Cream
  5. Mango fruit

2021 ice cream & gelato news from Bangkok:
After a very difficult year here in Bangkok, and not only in Bangkok, due to covid-19 restrictions, the year 2021 starts right OK. Unlikely here in Bangkok again we have been hit by new restrictions that cause us to slow down. Anyway here our best seller ice cream in Bangkok:
  1. Number 1: Green Tea
  2. Mango ice cream
  3. Passion fruit
  4. Yogurt
  5. Watermelon
  6. Pineapple

Please allow 3 days from order to delivery, thank you.

Ice cream brochure Ice cream brochure
You can download the ice cream brochure or check the pdf file
And if you want to make ice cream and gelato by yourself you can try ours ingredients!!!

When you sell ice cream maybe it is better not to offer only a classic scoop. A nice cup, coppa gelato in Italian, can actract new customers. You can show the cups or sundae in pictures, signs, posters. To create a sundae with your icecream it is easy, here all what you need:

  1. Nice glass cups or even a simple glass
  2. Ice cream of course
  3. Topping
  4. Fresh fruit
  5. Cookies or nuts
  6. And if you want you can use a basket cone instead of a cup
Please take inspiration from these ice cream sundae pictures. We use normal glass fill with ice cream and toppings, then a classic banana split with the gelato scoops, whipped cream, toppings and a sweet cherry, then another version of banana split with the banana cutted in slices and used a s a base for an ice cream scoop, half of this banana slice is coated with chocolate topping and on top the cherry . You can also use a waffle basket or basket cone and fill it with scoops and toppings and fruits for your own sundae creations. You can also see more example for the waffle cones in the central image, click to enlarge it.


Ice cream sundae Banana split Chocolate sundae Chocolate scoop Spaghetti ice cream sundae

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