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. Description and features of ice cream showcases, display, cabinets, ice cream freezers, ice cream cart with images, pictures and technical details like temperature controller and more about these equipment.

Ice cream showcases

Just after the navigation menu' you can see all our products divided from category, from nice view ice cream showcase till ice cream freezers. Please scroll down the page and follow our suggestions. We just improve our collection of ice cream display with some quality ice cream showcases from Italy. Luxury items for top end places.

Luxury ice cream showcases

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  1. Ice cream and gelato showcase as investment from Italy
  2. Professional big show cases with more than 16 flavors
  3. Professional small showcases with less than 16 pans
  4. Promotional ice cream display usually till 9 or 10 flavors
  5. Show ice cream freezers
  6. Stock freezer
  7. Ice cream Cart!
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1 Thinking about an ice cream showcase as investment it is possible. There are luxury items made in Italy that should be consider more than a showcase but as a real investment in the ice cream business. When you think about a top end place or even a normal ice cream shop you need to think about many things and also about image, the furniture, about the feeling to transmit to your customers and about your competitors. Here you can condense all of these thoughts in one single idea: a gelato showcase that will let disappear your competitors images. The display of this kind of equipment in your ice cream parlor will place you in a hi so environment. Yes, the prices are quite high for these kinds of goods but you can save in the rest of the furniture and the return of your clients will satisfy you.

Ice cream showcase from Italy Ice cream showcase as investment Hi so ice cream display

2 This kind of display is for a gelato parlor or ice cream shop that sell ice cream only, maybe also some other refreshments like coffee or soft drinks. To have a good economic return we suggest you to place this equipment in a crowded mall or shopping center, a walking street, in front of a big school complex like university or college compound, really close to a crowded beach or in Italy! Italy is full of big show cases called "vetrine gelato" as is part of the Italian culture to stroll around in the city and stop for an ice cream. Here in Thailand the gelato culture is on the move but not all places are ready to satisfy the sale need of a big ice cream shop but if you will be the first then you'll be able to cut off the competitors. This showcase cannot be put in a non air-conditioned environment like a normal ice cream freezer.

Empty red showcase Empty white showcase Double showcases in exibithion

3This is a more versatile option as the smaller investment can worth even if the shopping center or the location is not so crowded. We suggest you to combine with a coffee corner and maybe some bakery or even sandwiches. Another vantage of this display is that you don't need a truck with a power gate but a good pick up will be good enough for the transport. With some extra care this equipment can be placed also in a non air-conditioned location but the temperature doesn't not be more than 30 Celsius degrees.

Small yellow ice cream showcase Small ice cream showcase Small violet ice cream showcase

4The promotional display are small showcases that give a good visual with small size. Easy, more economically affordable  is good for a corner in a Hotel, resort or even a restaurant. Also a small booth can be set up with only one promotional showcase. If you think about a ice cream shop the promotional type is not enough.

Promotional ice cream showcase Sevel flavors showcase Ice cream cabinet with roof

5The ice cream freezer or show freezer  is perfect for a restaurant where the ice cream are sold on the menu' as an extra, for a micro enterprise that want to test the market with a really small corner sale and in a nice villa... or even in a nice and big ice cream parlor plenty of comfortable seats that use picture instead direct show the ice cream like Swensen's or Basking Robbins or others that use ice cream freezer (many kinds) instead of Italian style showcases.

Small ice cream freezer Show and sale equipment Low cost show case

6The ice cream freezer without the top glass is a stock freezer is a must. Don't even think to keep the show case on duty 24 hours. The energy that you will use will pay you back the stock freezer in few month. More over the gelato and sherbet that you have will have a short show life due to the ventilation of the showcase. Often we give the stock chest freezer in free use depending on the amount of ice cream you purchase, check more in the ice cream page

Chest freezer Big stock freezer

7With the ice cream cart alone you can start a successful business. The image of the ice cream cart attract customers even better than a big showcase. Ours ice cream carts are not suppose to drive around the city to sell ice cream. It is a decorative cabinet to put in front of your shop to dramatically increase the sale of ice cream or as a stand alone point of sale in a shopping center.

Ice cream cart yellow Ice cream cart azure Green ice cream cart

8Offer: Sevel 12 flavors ice cream showcase from exhibition:
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9You can see all the actual size available on the catalog page

Some features and technical notes. Why it is not easy to create an ice cream showcase or ice cream display? It is a physical problem. The cold, the cold air, tends to fall down. Like in the small home refrigerator the small freezer area from where you can get the ice cube is locate at the top of the fridge and then the area with a less aggressive cold, for the fresh fruit and vegetables, is in the lower part when the cold air, during its fall, cool up al rest of the element contained in the refrigerator. But if we want to give a nice visual of the gelato we have to put it as much as possible in the higher part of the showcase and the evaporator, that transmit the cold in the air of the refrigerator, in the lower part. We must now artificially force the cold air from down to up with some fans. This unnatural movement of the air has to be well projected. Beside the architecture of the case there is also the refrigeration system itself. We use a simple refrigeration systems based on gas R404a but with quality component.

Refrigeration diagram Controller and thermostat

The above diagram it is extremely simplified. There are also others components that we did not include in the drawing like the expansion valve, the low voltage transformer for the glasses and more. Anyway you can see that we use the hot gas from the compressor, Danfoss or Tecumseh, to vaporized the water that comes from the defrost of the showcase. You can also see the orange valve for the defrost. In this way we reuse the hot gas to melt excessive ice and vaporized the water without waste electric power. Moreover we have a separate switch to command the defog for the glasses so also in this way we don't keep the glasses constantly hot that it is a double waste:
  1. produce hot temperature when it is not necessary
  2. useless more hot input from the glasses to the showcase in a sub zero environment
  3. Moreover the defrost can easily set on automatic choosing the interval time between defrost or setting on manual so the operator will ask a defrost when necessary (recommended).
  4. Yes you can ask our operator more technical information

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